Competitive Advantages

Quality in the Provisions of Services

Constantly seeking the improvement of the services offered, quality management tools have been developed, aiming at guaranteeing tranquility and security to clients.

Among the many tools, we highlight:

Information Security

In order to ensure the integrity and security of the information transmitted to and received from its partners, collaborator and clients, Gaiofato e Galvão Advogados Associados law firm invests in appropriate hardware and software.
The firm also has an electronic document management system, enabling restriction in the access to information to certain attorneys and collaborators, according to their areas of operation and information classification divided into security levels: privileged, confidential, restricted, reserved, internal or public.
The information transmitted by physical documents is labelled according to the necessary degree of confidentiality attributed to it, identifying the party responsible for the information, and filed in appropriate environments, seeking to guarantee the necessary, intended and required security level.

Term and Measure Control Center

Team in charge of controlling scheduled procedural terms, compliance therewith, protocol and filing in the folder.

Email with schedule of terms and measures

In order to guarantee to the clients compliance with terms and measures, e-mails are sent with the service schedules, which are also entered in the IT system, in order to monitor and query the term control center.

Double Check

Policy consisting of verification, by two professionals, of all works carried out by this law firm.

Court publications

Court publications are verified by three different persons, in various sources and in the Official Gazette and, finally, results are cross-checked.

Scanning of proceedings and case records

All actions filed are scanned and made available in the IT system of this law firm, which is accessed by the client using a personal password.

Cost control center

The expenses incurred in proceedings and cases are calculated on a monthly basis by a specialized team, which produces an expense report submitted to the client.

Professional development and study incentive policy

Policy aiming at professional improvement and constant update, where part of specialization and postgraduate courses of collaborators is paid by the firm.

Acquisition of books, magazines, legal supplements and tools

Seeking constant improvement and support in the works carried out, the legal departments of the firm have available funds allocated for the acquisition of new books. In addition, the firm also subscribes to magazines and other supplements (CONSULEX, AASP, TRIBUNA DO DIREITO, CENOFISCO, TRIBUTÁRIO.NET).