Diversified portfolio is motto for office

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Despite the affinity for the textile industry , Gaiofato Galvão and seeks to work with medium-sized companies in various sectors. talent retention plan is another pillar of the banking expansion

Os sócios Alexandre Gaiofato (esquerda) e Ronaldo Galvão (direita)

Partners Alexandre Gaiofato (left) and Ronaldo Galvão (right)
Photo: Paul bareta
São Paulo – sustainable revenue growth of Gaiofato and Galvao Advogados Associados office is settled on two pillars: a portfolio of pulverized customers to reduce business risks, and a firm political talent retention.While I understand that the bank is meant to meet the fashion chain, nicknamed fashion law area, and currently generates about 40% of office billing, partner Alexandre Gaiofato explains that diversification of customers is positive.”We managed to achieve what I think is ideal for any office which is to serve various industries and have a small concentration of our revenues in the hands of every customer,” he says. According Gaiofato, the largest office customer does not hold more than 20% of banking revenues.

Another positive for the diversification of customers is the main branch attended the banking, the Paulistas clothing, lives since 2010 a deep crisis. The lawyer said that in the last five years the Brazilian textile production fell by half, and the big department stores began to buy out the country.

In law, it states that the impact was not as severe as the office also began to serve international customers, especially those who seek to combat piracy. “Despite the decline in domestic production, the demand in the area of ​​intellectual property has increased,” he says.

But with the recent escalation dollar, Gaiofato explains that the scenery changes again. In his view, the clothing back to have competitive prices and many are failing to meet the demand. However, given the instability of the economy, entrepreneurs also do not feel comfortable in investing.

“The entrepreneur does not know whether it is worth investing in a machine, if in two years everything can stop again.”

In addition to the intellectual property area, the office also operates in the branches tax, labor, corporate, civil litigation, consumer and corporate criminal area. Gaiofato explains that the goal of the bank is to act in an advisory part, especially for family businesses, medium-sized.

“We stand as a boutique. We do not take mass processes, on the contrary, we work more in specialized cases,” he says. More than participate in the court proceedings themselves, which in many cases are formed only after the problem has happened, Gaiofato reinforces that the ideal is that the lawyer participate in decision-making. “If we avoid the creation of the liability, that is where the lawyer is cheaper and more efficient.”


Even with a relatively small staff of 15 lawyers, Gaiofato account that early has been necessary to create talent retention policy. “This is a consequence of the law market. I noticed that if I had a way to bring the lawyer as a partner, with growth perspective, would not be able to retain the best talent,” he explains founding partner.

There are several measures: career plan, exchange, English class, partial scholarship for undergraduate, graduate and masters, among others. Although the office was founded in 2003, Gaiofato says the measures have paid off and that the office already has some attorneys for ten years, including partner Ronaldo Galvao and the coordinator of the labor area, Fábio Christófaro. “The office aims to be the best to work in São Paulo,” says Gaiofato.

Roberto Dumke

Gaiofato e Galvão

Gaiofato e Galvão