Privacy Policy

Gaiofato e Galvão Advogados Associados (“GGAA”) is a law firm that has a specialized legal body, aiming at precision in the quality of service provision.

In this sense, this Privacy Policy aims to describe how personal information and data will be collected, used, shared and stored, as our objective is to act in accordance with the interests of our customers and to be transparent about the processing of personal data.

This document was written in a simple and accessible way, with examples of data collection and use, so that the data subject easily understands how their data is used, in order to offer a safe and comfortable experience.

This Privacy Policy applies to any type of information collected through our platform or other means connected to these platforms (such as, for example, contacting our team or accessing our social networks).

This Privacy Policy can be changed. If you care about your privacy, visit our page regularly to stay updated. If changes to the Privacy Policy affect you (for example, if we want to process your personal data for purposes that were not previously expressed in this Privacy Policy), we will notify you of these changes before starting new activities.

If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy or wish to obtain further clarification, we kindly ask you to contact us through the channels available on our website.

GGAA collects data to meet customer requests.

This means that we can ask for your full name, social security number, address, e-mail, telephone number, nationality, income information for the client, their spouses, family members and everything else that is necessary for the correct conduct of the work.

Included in the data we collect, any sensitive personal data, as described in the General Data Protection Law, as long as strictly necessary for the conduct of the contracted work.

In addition, when any person visits our website or social networks, data such as IP address, geographic location, Device, Version, Date and time stamp of actions and screens accessed are collected to better identify the interests of visitors .

The data collected is to guarantee the provision of services, given that they directly depend on the information received by our customers for implementation. If you choose not to provide some of this data, we may be unable to provide all or part of our services to you.

In addition, personal data can be used to:

• Offer relevant content published by GGAA, such as newsletters, invitations to events, reminders, thank you notes, communications, among others;
• To compose a database of GGAA suppliers and service providers;
• For the formation of a database of candidates for vacancies in our service partners, internship and other service providers;
• To comply with applicable legislation;
• To protect the interests of GGAA.
• For the fulfillment of any demand requested by our customers or not from GGAA.

GGAA undertakes to request only the data strictly necessary for the attendance and provision of services.

The database formed through data collection is our property and is under our responsibility, and its use, access and sharing, when necessary, will be made within the limits and purposes of the business described in this Policy.

GGAA may store personal data for the time necessary to fulfill the services and other purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

You can request to unsubscribe your data, however, we emphasize that this may affect the services provided, given that they necessarily depend on such information.

Under no circumstances will GGAA commercialize personal data. Despite this, we may share your data with third parties in order to guarantee the provision of services or the other purposes mentioned here, always in accordance with the applicable legislation.

GGAA is committed to sharing only the data that are necessary to fulfill the respective purpose.

The holder of the personal data can always choose not to disclose his data to the GGAA, but he must keep in mind that some of this data may be necessary for the provision of services. Independent

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