Professional Exchange Program

In the face of globalization and the need to keep constantly updated, Gaiofato e Galvão Advogados Associados signed a professional exchange agreement with the North American firm Calandrino Law Firm, located in Orlando, Florida.

This program aims to provide our employees with solid knowledge of the United States legal system, as well as the opportunity to experience the practice of law in a foreign country based on an understanding of its society and its values.

Through the exchange of knowledge and experience with the Calandrino Law Firm office, we can improve our work routines and the way we serve our customers.

Every six months, one of our collaborators follows the daily routine of a North American law firm for two weeks and, as a result, knows another judicial system and expands his knowledge about the way the Law is applied in the United States. .

In addition to the exchange program, Gaiofato e Galvão Advogados Associados also indicates the Calandrino Law Firm office for clients interested in investing in Florida.

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